Radio Netherlands Wins Prestigious International Radio Award for Reporting on Sergei Magnitsky Justice Campaign

June 19, 2012

“Justice for Sergei – A Debt of Honour,” a radio interview by Radio Netherlands Worldwide with William Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital, on the campaign to get justice for his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky tortured to death in Russian police custody (, won the Best Radio Coverage Award at the New York International Radio and Television Festivals last night.

The interview won the gold medal in the “Best Coverage of an On-going News Story” category at the New York International Radio and Television Festivals which had over 200 entries from 30 countries.

NYF’s World’s Best Radio Programs honors radio programming and promotions in all lengths and formats from radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the world.

The award-winning interview with William Browder features the global justice campaign for 37-year old whistle-blowing lawyer killed in Russian government custody. It goes into detail about how Sergei Magnitsky was effectively murdered by corrupt officials of the Russian government and how since his murder, there has been a state sanctioned cover-up to prevent the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Introducing the interview, titled “Justice for Sergei – A Debt of Honour,” Radio Netherlands says:

“William Browder managed the biggest investment fund in Russian history and it was stolen from him by corrupt government officials. The lawyer for his firm, Sergei Magnitsky, was imprisoned, tortured, and died after one year in custody. Now William is taking up the fight in honour of Sergei’s belief that justice will eventually prevail.”

The “Justice for Sergei – A Debt of Honour” interview was aired as part of “The State We’re In” program by Radio Netherlands last year, and was since broadcast on dozens of radio networks around the world.

Greg Kelly, editor of the Radio Netherland’s “The State We’re In”, says the interview garnered an overwhelming feedback from the audience.

“Our listeners let us know what they felt in emails, letters, Facebook postings, tweets: a profound sense of sadness and outrage that the perpetrators got away with – or think they have – for the killing of Sergei and the theft of hundreds millions of tax dollars belonging to the Russian people.”

Commenting on the “Justice for Sergei” interview winning the NYF’s Best Radio Coverage Award, Greg Kelly said:

“This award is not just a pat on the back for our radio program. And it’s more than a testament to William Browder’s determination and courage. It’s a reaffirmation that Sergei Magnitsky’s quest for justice continues in the face of systemic corruption and abuse of power in Russia. His story isn’t over yet.”

“This is a story these authorities would like to see go away. This interview helps ensure that that won’t happen, and that the quest to get justice for Sergei will not cease until justice is done,” added Greg Kelly from Radio Netherlands.

Radio Netherlands is one of the worlds’ top five international public broadcasting organizations which reaches millions of people around the world.

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