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European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Adopts First European Magnitsky List with 32 Names

March 18, 2014

Today the For­eign Affairs Com­mit­tee of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment adopted a res­o­lu­tion call­ing for tar­geted asset freezes and visa sanc­tions on 32 indi­vid­u­als in the Mag­nit­sky case in Europe. (more…)

Canadian Parliament Introduces Visa Sanctions Legislation for Russian Officials Implicated in Magnitsky Case

October 31, 2011

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Cana­dian Par­lia­ment Intro­duces Visa Sanc­tions Leg­is­la­tion for Russ­ian Offi­cials Impli­cated in Mag­nit­sky Case

31 Octo­ber 2011 – Rt. Hon. Irwin Cotler, MP and a for­mer Jus­tice Min­is­ter of Canada, has intro­duced a new piece of leg­is­la­tion in the Cana­dian Par­lia­ment in the high-profile case of Sergei Mag­nit­sky, an anti-corruption lawyer who was tor­tured to death in Russ­ian custody.

The new draft leg­is­la­tion would require the Cana­dian Gov­ern­ment to deny entry to the Russ­ian offi­cials in the Mag­nit­sky case and their fam­ily mem­bers. These visa sanc­tions have been trig­gered by the impunity of these offi­cials in Rus­sia two years after the Magnitsky’s death in custody.

Rt. Hon. Irwin Cotler, MP, who pre­vi­ously acted as defense lawyer for pris­on­ers of con­science Nel­son Man­dela and Nathan Sha­ran­sky, said at the intro­duc­tion of the Bill:

The ongo­ing impunity, and indeed, in this instance shock­ing impunity regard­ing Russ­ian offi­cials is as scan­dalous as it is shock­ing. This leg­is­la­tion will uphold the rule of law, will assure Russ­ian human rights defend­ers that they are not alone, will pro­tect Cana­dian busi­ness inter­ests in Rus­sia, and in par­tic­u­lar will remem­ber and hon­our the heroic sac­ri­fice of Sergei Mag­nit­sky. He acted on behalf of all of us in his pro­tec­tion of the rule of law.”

The Russ­ian offi­cials in the Mag­nit­sky case have already been banned from entry to the USA by U.S. Sec­re­tary of State Hillary Clin­ton. Sim­i­lar visa sanc­tions are cur­rently under­way across the EU fol­low­ing a res­o­lu­tion adopted last year by the Euro­pean Parliament.

The Cana­dian Bill enti­tled “An Act to Con­demn Cor­rup­tion and Impunity in Rus­sia in the Case and Death of Sergei Mag­nit­sky” was intro­duced last Fri­day. (http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Docid=5209506&file=4)

The Bill bans from enter­ing or remain­ing in Canada those Russ­ian offi­cials who were involved in the $230 mil­lion tax rebate fraud that Mr. Mag­nit­sky had uncov­ered, those involved in his wrong­ful arrest, tor­ture and death in deten­tion, and those involved in the sub­se­quent cover up of the com­plicit offi­cials . It imposes sanc­tions on the listed indi­vid­u­als and their fam­ily members.

Rt. Hon. Irwin Cotler, MP, said:

The Bill notes that no objec­tive offi­cial inves­ti­ga­tion has been con­ducted by the Russ­ian gov­ern­ment into the Mag­nit­sky case, despite exten­sive doc­u­mented evi­dence incrim­i­nat­ing Russ­ian offi­cials in seri­ous human rights vio­la­tions, in the embez­zle­ment of funds from the Russ­ian trea­sury, and in the retal­i­a­tion against Mr. Mag­nit­sky, nor have the indi­vid­ual per­sons been iden­ti­fied, appre­hended and brought to jus­tice in Rus­sia.” (see speech by Rt. Hon. Cotler at: http://openparliament.ca/bills/41 – 1/C-339/).

On July 5, 2011, the Russ­ian President’s Human Rights Coun­cil issued its find­ings on the Mag­nit­sky case, which con­cluded that Sergei Mag­nit­sky had been arrested and detained in breach of the Euro­pean Human Rights con­ven­tion and pros­e­cuted ille­gally by the Inte­rior Min­istry offi­cials with a clear con­flict of inter­est. The report high­lighted that before his arrest, Sergei Mag­nit­sky had given a tes­ti­mony about the involve­ment of his arrest­ing offi­cers in the theft of Her­mitage Fund com­pa­nies and $230 mil­lion that these com­panied had paid in taxes to the Russ­ian government.

Instead of pros­e­cut­ing the offi­cials named by the Human Rights Coun­cil for the false arrest of Mr. Mag­nit­sky on trumped-up charges and the $230 mil­lion theft he had uncov­ered, Russ­ian author­i­ties responded on 30 July 2011 by open­ing a pros­e­cu­tion against Mr. Mag­nit­sky despite he had been dead for nearly two years. The same Russ­ian Inte­rior Min­istry offi­cials who arrested and pros­e­cuted Mr. Mag­nit­sky to silence him, were appointed to the posthu­mous case against him. As part of this case, in August and Sep­tem­ber 2011, Mr. Magnitsky’s rel­a­tives were sum­moned for ques­tion­ing as witnesses.

On 4 Octo­ber 2011, 53 rep­re­sen­ta­tives at the Par­lia­men­tary Assem­bly of the Coun­cil of Europe from 29 coun­tries have co-signed the “Sergei Mag­nit­sky Case” Dec­la­ra­tion No.49 which urges Rus­sia to imme­di­ately pros­e­cute the killers of Sergei Mag­nit­sky and cease the intim­i­da­tion of his family.

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Telegraph: Russia called to probe police role in Magnitsky death

April 23, 2010

Mr Mag­nit­sky, who rep­re­sented Her­mitage Cap­i­tal Man­age­ment, the hedge fund run by Bill Brow­der, died in prison after being held for 358 days with­out trial on tax eva­sion charges.

He had pre­vi­ously tes­ti­fied about the involve­ment of Russ­ian police offi­cers in the alleged theft of $230m (£150m) of tax­payer funds. An inves­ti­ga­tion was launched into his death fol­low­ing pub­lic out­cry, but its focus was on the fail­ure of the On Thurs­day, Lyud­mila Alek­seyeva, the founder of the inde­pen­dent Moscow Helsinki Group, called for an inquiry into the police offi­cers alleged to have brought “the crim­i­nal case against Mr Mag­nit­sky and used tor­ture against him”.


The Wall Street Journal: Russia Criticized Over Jail Death Probe

April 23, 2010

Two promi­nent Russ­ian human-rights advo­cates Thurs­day accused author­i­ties of drag­ging their feet in the inves­ti­ga­tion of the jail­house death in Novem­ber of Sergei Mag­nit­sky, a lawyer work­ing for a U.S. invest­ment fund.

Valery Bor­shchev, head of an inde­pen­dent advi­sory com­mis­sion legally empow­ered to mon­i­tor human rights in prison, said pros­e­cu­tors and other inves­ti­ga­tors haven’t responded as the law requires to a scathing report on Mr. Magnitsky’s case his panel issued in December.

That report accused inves­ti­ga­tors, judges and jail offi­cials of delib­er­ately sub­ject­ing Mr. Mag­nit­sky to inhu­mane con­di­tions and depriv­ing him of vital med­ical care in an effort to pres­sure him into giv­ing tes­ti­mony that inves­ti­ga­tors sought. He died Nov. 16 at Moscow’s Butyrka prison after suf­fer­ing gall stones.


The Moscow Times: Activists Say Magnitsky Was Murdered

April 23, 2010

Human rights activists are call­ing on author­i­ties to open a mur­der inquiry into the death of Her­mitage Cap­i­tal lawyer Sergei Mag­nit­sky, who died in pre­trial deten­tion in November.

Mag­nit­sky died of sys­tem­atic tor­ture and not of neg­li­gence,” Valery Bor­shchyov, of the Moscow Helsinki Group, told reporters Thursday.

The 37-year-old lawyer died in a deten­tion cen­ter on Nov. 16 after offi­cials repeat­edly denied him med­ical treat­ment for ill­nesses that he devel­oped while wait­ing nearly a year for his polit­i­cally tainted tax trial to begin.


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