Russian Court to Hear Negligence Indictment in Magnitsky Case

September 13, 2012

Today at 11 am, the Tverskoi District Court in Moscow will begin hearings on the indictment of Dmitry Kratov, former deputy chief of Butyrka detention center for medical negligence.

Kratov’s indictment absolves him from any responsibility for the complicity in Magnitsky’s torture and murder. It is signed by Deputy General Prosecutor, Victor Grin, the same prosecutor who launched the unprecedented posthumous prosecution against Sergei Magnitsky last year. This is the first prosecution of a dead man in Russian history.
The negligence case will be heard by Judge Tatiana Neverova, the same judge who refused Sergei Magnitsky’s petition about the violation of his rights when he was still alive.
“Under this case, the investigators and prosecutors have legalised the knowingly false version of Magnitsky’s death in detention allegedly on medical grounds, due to heart failure and made-up diagnoses of sugar diabetes and hepatitis. This medical version masks the cruel retribution Magnitsky fell victim of for his role in defending his client, the Hermitage Fund, and in exposing the criminal scheme secretly functioning over several years through which billions of roubles had been siphoned from the budget,” said lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov, counsel to Magnitsky’s mother.
At the preliminary hearing that took place on 27 July 2012, the Magnitsky family lawyer requested the criminal case in relation to Kratov be returned to prosecutors for a full investigation of his role in the conspiracy to falsely imprison, torture and murder Sergei Magnitsky. The judge refused his petition on the grounds that no other co-conspirators have been identified in the investigation into Magnitsky’s death.

Judge Neverova also refused all other applications from the family’s lawyer.

A year ago, Mrs Magnitskaya wrote to the Russian Investigative Committee naming a number of Russian officials for their complicity in the false arrest, torture and murder of her son ( The investigators have refused to open a probe into those officials named by Magnitsky’s mother and have fully exonerated them.
In November 2010, Sergei Magnitsky’s mother received the Global Integrity Award from Tansparency International on behalf of her late son honoring his fight against Russian government corruption.

See a report on the Cover up of Magnitsky’s murder:


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