Putin Promotes Notorious Judge Who Presided Over the Posthumous Trial of Sergei Magnitsky

October 25, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promoted judge Igor Alisov, who presided over the first trial of a dead man in the history of Russia. The trial ended with the posthumous conviction of Sergei Magnitsky in July this year.

President Putin’s decree was published on the official Kremlin website showing that judge Igor Alisov has been upgraded from the Tverskoi district court to the Moscow City Court, which is a significant promotion (http://graph.document.kremlin.ru/page.aspx?3584338)

The Presidential decree was signed on 29 August 2013, just one month after judge Alisov convicted Sergei Magnitsky and refused his rehabilitation.

“This looks like Judge Alisov’s payback for selling his soul to Vladimir Putin. He may enjoy the prestige and creature comforts of his new position, but history will not be kind to the man who allowed a man killed in custody to be prosecuted and convicted after his death, – said a Hermitage Capital representative. – This vindictive move towards Sergei Magnitsky shows how deeply vulnerable Vladimir Putin feels about the corruption uncovered and bravely exposed by Sergei Magnitsky and his colleagues.”

Judge Igor Alisov also exonerated all officials implicated by Sergei Magnitsky in the $230 million theft by pinning the entire theft on an “unemployed” man in a 2011 sentencing ruling.


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