European Parliament Adopts Magnitsky Sanctions List on 32 Russians

April 2, 2014

Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution on targeted asset freezes and visa sanctions on 32 Russians in the Magnitsky case. It is now for the EU Council to decide on its enactment.
The Magnitsky sanctions resolution was adopted with no objections. The EU sanctions list comprises Russian officials and private individuals who played a role in the Magnitsky case both before and after the death of whistle-blowing lawyer, including those Russians who took part in the posthumous trial of Sergei Magnitsky, the first-ever in Russian legal history, in spite of the protests from the Magnitsky family bringing further pain and suffering to his surviving relatives.
“With the passing of this Resolution by the European Parliament, the EU is now joining the US efforts in bringing an end to impunity of those in Russia who were involved in the false arrest and death of Sergei Magnitsky and in the conspiracy he had exposed, and the cover up of those acts,” said William Browder, leader of Magnitsky Justice movement.
The resolution calls for sanctions be imposed as a first step on 32 individuals, including 16 officials that have already been sanctioned by the U.S. Government under the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012. The most senior Russian government officials on the EU sanctions list, who are not on the public part of the U.S. list, are Russian Deputy General Prosecutor Victor Grin, and Head of FSB Financial Counter-Intelligence Department Victor Voronin.
“Today’s adoption by the European Parliament of the Resolution on the common visa restrictions for Russian officials involved in the Sergei Magnitsky case is an important signal into two directions. First of all to the European Member States, which– despite repeated resolutions by the European Parliament- have not moved forward on the Magnitsky sanctions list. On the other hand, to the Russian officials mentioned on the list, who should have understood by now that the human rights violations committed against Sergei Magnitsky will not go unnoticed,” said Chair of the Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament Barbara Lochbihler.

“Members from across the political divide have been campaigning for this move for well over a year. The Magnitsky case reminds us that Russia, in spite of its international legal obligations, has for some time now in many cases dispensed with European standards of democracy, freedom and the rule of law even before its recent aggression against Ukraine. I am confident that these targeted sanctions called for by the Parliament, if approved by the Council of Ministers, will have a real effect on those concerned, and will send a clear signal to President Putin that gross violations of universal human rights will bring consequences against the perpetrators,” said Charles Tannock, Member of the European Parliament from the UK.

“As the people involved in this case have not been brought to justice in Russia, we have the obligation to at least forbid their entrance to the EU and freeze their assets that are in our Member States,” said Member of the European Parliament from Estonia Kristiina Ojuland.
“It has been more than four years since the death of Sergej Magnitsky, he is the most prominent victim of the abuse of power by the Russian government, but sadly only one of many. ..In light of current developments, strengthening the EU’s voice on human rights and the rule of law in Russia has become even more important,” said Marietje Schaake, a Dutch politician and MEP.

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Magnitsky Sanctions List of 32 Persons Adopted by the European Parliament

1. ALISOV, Igor, born 11 March 1968;
2. DROGANOV, Aleksey (a.k.a. DROGANOV, Alexei), born 11 October 1975;
3. EGOROVA, Olga, born 29 June 1955;
4. GAUS, Alexandra, born 29 March 1975;
5. GERASIMOVA, Anastasia, born 22 January 1982;
6. GRIN, Victor, born 1 January 1951;
7. KARPOV, Pavel, born 27 August 1977;
8. KHIMINA, Yelena (a.k.a. KHIMINA, Elena), born 11 February 1953;
9. KLYUEV, Dmitry (a.k.a. KLYUEV, Dmitriy or KLYUEV, Dmitri), born
10 August 1967;
10. KOMNOV, Dmitriy (a.k.a. KOMNOV, Dmitri), born 17 May 1977;
Alexei), born 25 August 1977;
12. KUZNETSOV, Artem (a.k.a. KUZNETSOV, Artyom), born 28 February 1975;
13. LOGUNOV, Oleg, born 4 February 1962;
14. MAYOROVA, Yulya (a.k.a. MAYOROVA, Yulia), born 23 April 1979;
15. PAVLOV, Andrey (a.k.a. Pavlov, Andrei), born 7 August 1977;
16. PECHEGIN, Andrey (a.k.a. PECHEGIN, Andrei), born 24 September 1965;
17. PODOPRIGOROV, Sergei, born 8 January 1974;
18. PONOMAREV, Konstantin, born 14 August 1971;
19. PROKOPENKO, Ivan Pavlovitch, born 28 September 1973;
20. REZNICHENKO, Mikhail, born 20 February 1985;
21. SAPUNOVA, Marina, born 19 June 1971;
22. SHUPOLOVSKY, Mikhail, born 28 September 1983;
23. SILCHENKO, Oleg, born 25 June 1977;
24. STASHINA, Yelena (a.k.a. STASHINA, Elena or STASHINA, Helen), born
5 Nov 1963;
25. STEPANOVA, Olga, born 29 July 1962;
26. STROITELEV, Denis, born 23 January 1973;
27. TAGIEV, Fikhret, born 3 April 1962;
Dmitri), born 11 May 1982;
29. UKHNALYOVA, Svetlana (a.k.a. UKHNALEV, Svetlana or UKHNALEVA,
Svetlana V.), born 14 March 1973;
30. URZHUMTSEV, Oleg, born 22 October 1968;
31. VINOGRADOVA, Natalya, born 16 June 1973;
32. VORONIN, Victor, born 11 February 1958


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