Norwegian Government Offers William Browder ‘Safe Passage’ to Pursue Magnitsky Campaign in Norway

April 10, 2014

The Norwegian government has decided to protect William Browder, the leader of the Magnitsky justice campaign from Russian persecution on their territory.
In a letter sent to Mr Browder’s UK lawyers, the Norwegian Ministry of Justice said that they have concluded that in light of the political nature of the proceedings against Browder, Norway would not extradite or provide legal assistance to Russia in relation to Mr Browder.
“The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security is at present of the view that the criteria for extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance are not fulfilled,” said the Norwegian Justice Ministry in its letter.
This determination by Norwegian authorities follows decisions by other European countries to refuse assistance on Mr Browder’s case. Earlier, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe which unites 47 countries in Europe, highlighted the Russian proceedings in relation to Mr Browder and other Hermitage representatives as “emblematic” of politically-motivated abuse of the criminal justice system, and recommended that member states refuse any legal assistance to Russia on this ground.
“It is an important determination that comes on the back of similar determinations issued by such international organizations as the Council of Europe and Interpol that Russian authorities have acted illegitimately, and in breach of fundamental principles in this case and it is broadly accepted now,” said a Hermitage Capital spokesperson.
Last year, Interpol has announced that it cannot be used to arrest Mr Browder in light of the political nature of the Russian proceeding against him.
Mr Browder travels to Norway to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual human rights meeting. Mr Browder spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum last year, the topic of his speech was “Avenging Magnitsky’s Murder” (


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