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Magnitsky Sanctions Law Introduced in the Canadian Parliament

May 13, 2016


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Mag­nit­sky Sanc­tions Law Intro­duced in the Cana­dian Parliament


13 May 2016 — Yes­ter­day, the Con­ser­v­a­tive Party of Canada announced the intro­duc­tion of the Jus­tice for Vic­tims of Cor­rupt For­eign Offi­cials (Sergei Mag­nit­sky Law) bill in House of Com­mons and the Sen­ate simultaneously.


The Mag­nit­sky bill was intro­duced by James Bezan MP, Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment for Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman, in the House of Com­mons, and The Hon. Raynell Andr­ey­chuk, Sen­a­tor for Saskatchewan, in the Senate.


The pur­pose of the Mag­nit­sky Law is to sanc­tion those who are com­mit­ting seri­ous human rights crimes within their coun­tries, or the cor­rupt indi­vid­u­als who are steal­ing the assets of peo­ple,” said Mr Bezan, MP, on the bill introduction.


The Hon Irwin Cotler, for­mer Jus­tice Min­is­ter, and one of the strongest advo­cates of Mag­nit­sky leg­is­la­tion in Canada, last year urged Cana­dian law­mak­ers to adopt the law:


“It is time…for us to treat Russ­ian domes­tic human-rights vio­la­tions as seri­ously as we do vio­la­tions of polit­i­cal inde­pen­dence and ter­ri­to­r­ial integrity… Coun­tries that value human rights and the rule of law must use the mea­sures at our dis­posal to hold vio­la­tors to account and dis­cour­age future violations.”


The Cana­dian Mag­nit­sky Law (C-267) and (S-226) pro­vides for visa sanc­tions and asset freezes against for­eign nation­als respon­si­ble for gross vio­la­tions of inter­na­tion­ally rec­og­nized human rights.


Speak­ing about the effect of the Cana­dian Mag­nit­sky Law, James Bezan, MP said:


“This would pro­vide the tools and mech­a­nisms to the gov­ern­ment to ensure it can put in place the proper sanc­tions with respect to the travel and eco­nomic activ­ity of those cor­rupt for­eign offi­cials with­out hav­ing to do it on a case-by-case basis.”


“More impor­tantly, it also pro­vides both the House of Com­mons and the Sen­ate for­eign affairs com­mit­tees with the abil­ity to look at who is on the dif­fer­ent lists for sanc­tions around the world on an annual basis and report that back to the House.”


Before last year’s elec­tion, the Lib­eral Party of Canada, along with other polit­i­cal par­ties, promised to enact Mag­nit­sky sanc­tions if they won. In par­tic­u­lar, the Lib­eral Party said that a Lib­eral Gov­ern­ment would intro­duce leg­is­la­tion, mod­elled on the US Mag­nit­sky leg­is­la­tion, because of the belief that, “by impos­ing sanc­tions, we can impose mean­ing­ful penal­ties on human rights vio­la­tors and deter future vio­la­tions.


Yet, after com­ing to power in Novem­ber 2015, Canada’s new Prime Min­is­ter 44-years old Justin Trudeau reneged on his party’s elec­tion promise, sud­denly changed course and decided to “re-engage” with Rus­sia instead.


This is a betrayal by Justin Trudeau of the prin­ci­ples that Boris Nemtsov and Sergei Mag­nit­sky stood for and who gave their lives in the fight with cor­rup­tion and human rights abuse,” said William Brow­der, leader of Global Mag­nit­sky Jus­tice campaign.


In 2012, Russ­ian oppo­si­tion leader Boris Nemtsov trav­elled to Canada to call on the Cana­dian gov­ern­ment and politi­cians to adopt the Mag­nit­sky Act. He was sub­se­quently assas­si­nated in front of the Kremlin.


Address­ing a Cana­dian audi­ence in Ottawa, three years before his mur­der, Boris Nemtsov said:


“Mag­nit­sky was killed by pros­e­cu­tors and prison man­age­ment… Putin gov­ern­ment sup­ported the mur­der­ers. The idea of the [Mag­nit­sky] Act is to imple­ment sanc­tions against cor­rupt offi­cials and oth­ers who are respon­si­ble for killing Mag­nit­sky.” (See Full speech by Boris Nemtsov in Canada in 2012, start­ing after intro­duc­tion at 4th min: http://www.ipolitics.ca/2015/03/02/when-nemtsov-came-to-ottawa/ )


“As a coun­try with the low level of cor­rup­tion and rule of law, Canada has to fight against crim­i­nals and against cor­rup­tion. You are not against Rus­sia, you are against cor­rup­tion, against crim­i­nals. It will be very painful for Russ­ian cor­rupt bureau­cracy to get such kind of law from Canada. Very painful. Because cor­rupt sys­tem in Rus­sia means that they have prop­erty out­side of the coun­try, they relax out­side the coun­try, they send their kids to get edu­ca­tion out­side,” said Boris Nemtsov, urg­ing Cana­dian law­mak­ers and the Cana­dian Gov­ern­ment to adopt Mag­nit­sky law four years ago.


The US became the first coun­try to enact the Mag­nit­sky Legislation.


In Decem­ber 2012, the US Con­gress adopted the Sergei Mag­nit­sky Rule of Law Account­abil­ity Act which imposes tar­geted visa bans and asset freezes on per­sons involved in Sergei Mag­nit­sky mis­treat­ment, death, cover up and the crim­i­nal con­spir­acy he had uncovered.


In Jan­u­ary 2014, the Par­lia­men­tary Assem­bly of the Coun­cil of Europe, com­pris­ing 47 states, called for the intro­duc­tion of Mag­nit­sky sanc­tions by mem­ber states in case of fail­ure by Russ­ian author­i­ties to respond to the rec­om­men­da­tions of its res­o­lu­tion, “Refus­ing Impunity for the Killers of Sergei Mag­nit­sky”, to which Rus­sia has failed to com­ply since.


In April 2014, the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment adopted the Mag­nit­sky Sanc­tions Res­o­lu­tion, list­ing 32 per­sons involved in Mag­nit­sky case and urg­ing the EU Coun­cil to adopt EU-wide sanctions.


For more infor­ma­tion, please contact:


Jus­tice for Sergei Mag­nit­sky

+44 207 440 1777

e-mail: info@lawandorderinrussia.org


French TV Station ARTE Permanently Cancels Nekrasov’s Anti-Magnitsky Propaganda Film

May 9, 2016


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French TV Sta­tion ARTE Per­ma­nently Can­cels Nekrasov’s Anti-Magnitsky Pro­pa­ganda Film


9 May 2016 – The French TV sta­tion, ARTE, has per­ma­nently can­celled the anti-Magnitsky pro­pa­ganda film by Russ­ian film­maker Andrei Nekrasov.


French lawyer Safya Ako­rri who rep­re­sents the widow of Sergei Mag­nit­sky, and William Brow­der, the leader of the inter­na­tional jus­tice cam­paign for Sergei Mag­nit­sky, wrote to ARTE, sub­mit­ting a list of false alle­ga­tions made in Nekrasov’s film and pre­sent­ing the evi­dence of their falsity.


ARTE has since can­celled the show sched­uled for release on 3 May 2016 and offi­cially informed their lawyers that they had no inten­tion to show it at any point in the future.


ARTE’s deci­sion fol­lows the deci­sion at the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment on 27 April 2016 not to air the Nekrasov’s film for sim­i­lar rea­sons. The screen­ing of Nekrasov’s film was sched­uled as a per­sonal ini­tia­tive of Nekrasov’s girl­friend, Heidi Hau­tala, a mem­ber of the Euro­pean par­lia­ment from the Green Party in Finland.


Speak­ing about the deci­sion by ARTE to can­cel the film, William Brow­der, leader of Mag­nit­sky jus­tice cam­paign, said:


There are many peo­ple who wish to avoid fac­ing jus­tice for Magnitsky’s death and the crimes he exposed by try­ing to destroy his mem­ory and legacy. It is our duty to make sure this doesn’t hap­pen.”


Andrei Nekrasov’s film on Sergei Mag­nit­sky was pre­pared for release on ARTE’s Euro­pean cul­tural chan­nel on May 3, 2016 ignor­ing the fact that Sergei Magnitsky’s mother did not con­sent to the use of video footage of her.


“We are out­raged that Mr. Nekrasov pre­tended that he sym­pa­thized with our grief,” said Nataliya Magnitskaya.


Nekrasov’s film, which claims to be a “doc­u­men­tary”, con­tains numer­ous false alle­ga­tions against Sergei Mag­nit­sky, which had been reviewed and refuted by inde­pen­dent Russ­ian and inter­na­tional bod­ies, includ­ing the Par­lia­men­tary Assem­bly of the Coun­cil of Europe, com­pris­ing del­e­gates from 47 states, the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment, the US Depart­ment, and the US Con­gress, among others.


The let­ter from Magnitsky’s mother and widow denounced any form of dis­tri­b­u­tion of Nekrasov’s film which, they believe, used com­pro­mised meth­ods char­ac­ter­is­tic of Krem­lin pro­pa­ganda films:


Mr. Nekrasov is not unique, such mis­lead­ing movies and pro­grams are demon­strated in Rus­sia on a reg­u­lar basis to drag Sergei Magnitsky’s name through the mud and to jus­tify the per­sons respon­si­ble for his death. Direc­tors use frag­ments of inter­views which are often taken by deceit, sin­gle sen­tences or even words are taken out of the con­text of the doc­u­ments, cer­tain phrases are turned inside out and acquire the oppo­site mean­ing, frag­ments of speeches are com­bined in a way nec­es­sary to manip­u­la­tive indi­vid­u­als, accord­ing to the order.”


When the Mag­nit­sky fam­ily learned about Nekrasov’s film, they issued a let­ter of protest against this lat­est anti-Magnitsky pro­pa­ganda ini­tia­tive. The Mag­nit­sky fam­ily said:


“We think that the film by Andrei Nekrasov, which is based on his con­coc­tions but not on the doc­u­ments  and facts, degrades the dig­nity of Sergei Mag­nit­sky, degrades the deceased per­son who is unable to defend himself.”


“This movie is made in the inter­ests of those who are scared of the truth uncov­ered by Sergei Magnitsky,”

said Magnitsky’s mother and widow.


Fol­low­ing the rev­e­la­tion of Nekrasov’s turn-around on Mag­nit­sky case, ques­tions have been raised as to what could explain it.


Andrei Nekrasov was pre­vi­ously known for films, includ­ing about poi­son­ing of Alexan­der Litvi­nenko, which were pro­duced by his wife, Olga Kon­skaya, who passed away in Ger­many in 2009. Andrei Nekrasov’s pub­lic stance on Putin’s Rus­sia changed since at least March 2014 — the time of Pres­i­dent Putin’s inva­sion in Ukraine.


In Andrei Nekrasov’s blog post of 21 March 2014 avail­able on the web­site of ‘Echo of Moscow,’ Russ­ian radio sta­tion, he expressed a strong anti-American sen­ti­ment, jus­ti­fy­ing Putin’s actions, saying:


“Why Amer­ica (and allies) can vio­late inter­na­tional law, and Rus­sia — not? Amer­i­cans and Co vio­late it, and this is not Kremlin-Kiselev’s pro­pa­ganda, it is a fact rec­og­nized by the inter­na­tional community;”


“Putin con­trols the imag­i­na­tion of the peo­ple, and this is not the result of him “usurp­ing power…;”


“In the opin­ion of aggrieved Rus­sians, Crimea is not sub­ject to Budapest memorandum.”


For more infor­ma­tion, please contact:


Jus­tice for Sergei Magnitsky

+44 207 440 1777

e-mail: info@lawandorderinrussia.org


Russian Human Rights Defenders Slam Nekrasov and US Network NBC for Their Roles in Anti-Magnitsky Propaganda Campaign

May 5, 2016


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Russ­ian Human Rights Defend­ers Slam Nekrasov and US Net­work NBC for Their Roles in Anti-Magnitsky Pro­pa­ganda Campaign


5 May 2016 – Promi­nent Russ­ian human rights defend­ers have spo­ken out against Russ­ian film­maker Andrei Nekrasov and NBC reporter Ken Dilan­ian for their anti-Magnitsky pro­pa­ganda cam­paign in Europe and the US.


Lud­mila Alex­eeva, Head of Moscow Helsinki Group

In a pub­lic let­ter pub­lished by ‘Novaya Gazeta’ news­pa­per, Lud­mila Alex­eeva rebuked their mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tions of Mag­nit­sky case, saying:


have no idea who specif­i­cally is behind this [Andrei Nekrasov’s] film and who hired the author, I have no idea. But one thing is clear – these are the peo­ple who are very inter­ested to dis­avow the evi­dence of cor­rup­tion, which started to emerge first with the case of Mag­nit­sky (and thanks to Mag­nit­sky), and con­tin­ues to emerge, but on a global scale (such as the Panama leaks ).”


The high-profile expo­sure of cor­rup­tion was started specif­i­cally by Sergei Mag­nit­sky, — said Lud­mila Alex­eeva. — That is why it is so impor­tant for the peo­ple com­plicit in the con­spir­acy to defame Mag­nit­sky and the evi­dence which he made pub­lic. As a result, this film appeared…  To try to show that every­thing — what Mag­nit­sky first said, then the Panama leaks – are non­sense. What they want is to revoke sanc­tions. They decided to start with the dis­avow­ing of the Mag­nit­sky list.


A vet­eran Russ­ian human rights defender, Lud­mila Alex­eeva, is one of the lead­ing voices in Russ­ian civil soci­ety advo­cat­ing for West­ern Mag­nit­sky sanc­tions as a tool to address the impunity in Rus­sia of those respon­si­ble for Magnitsky’s tor­ture and mur­der in detention.


Valery Borschev

Valery Borschev, another lead­ing Russ­ian human rights advo­cate and head of the Moscow Pub­lic Over­sight Commission,an inde­pen­dent panel that inves­ti­gated Magnitsky’s death since 2009, spoke out to quash the phony claims in Andrei Nekrasov’s film.


The film [by film­maker Nerkasov] tries to con­tra­dict every­thing that has been con­cluded by our Com­mis­sion. …We  looked at con­di­tions of deten­tion, tor­ture, non-provision of med­ical care, vio­lence which led to murder.…I state firmly: the film does not reflect the true state of affairs in part con­cern­ing the deten­tion of Mag­nit­sky,” said Valery Borschev.


Russ­ian human rights activists cas­ti­gated the false claims in Nekrasov’s film that Mag­nit­sky was not beaten in cus­tody, did not tes­tify against cor­rupt police offi­cers, and that Mag­nit­sky him­self com­mit­ted the crime he had uncov­ered. These claims are con­tra­dicted by evi­dence of Magnitsky’s beat­ing from both the Russ­ian gov­ern­ment and the Mag­nit­sky fam­ily, his inves­ti­ga­tion into the fraud and com­plaints filed three weeks before the US$230 mil­lion were stolen, offi­cial writ­ten records of his tes­ti­mony, and con­clu­sions reached by Russ­ian and inter­na­tional bod­ies who con­ducted inde­pen­dent inves­ti­ga­tions. These false claims have pre­vi­ously been refuted on numer­ous occa­sions, but are now being rekin­dled by Russ­ian film­maker Andrei Nekrasov in his anti-Magnitsky film in Europe, and echoed by Ken Dilan­ian, NBC News off-air cor­re­spon­dent in the United States.


In his writ­ten ques­tions to the ‘Jus­tice for Sergei Mag­nit­sky’ cam­paign last week, reporter Ken Dilan­ian claimed that he and his team at NBC found “no evi­dence” of Sergei’s Magnitsky’s beat­ing before he died, despite pub­licly avail­able records, inde­pen­dent reports and pho­tographs from Magnitsky’s autopsy. Dilan­ian also claimed he found “no evi­dence” of Magnitsky’s tes­ti­mony against police before his arrest. This is despite Mag­nit­sky nam­ing in tes­ti­mony before his arrest offi­cers Kuznetsov and Kar­pov 14 times and 13 times respectively.


Andrei Nekrasov, Russ­ian filmmaker

Ken D




Ken Dilan­ian, NBC News off-air reporter




Accord­ing to the NBC News web­site, prior to sud­denly tak­ing on the Mag­nit­sky story, Ken Dilan­ian had never reported on Russ­ian affairs or human rights.


Mr. Dilan­ian joined NBC News as off-air cor­re­spon­dent at the end of 2015. In his pre­vi­ous job with the Los Ange­les Times, he was com­pro­mised for per­mit­ting his close rela­tion­ships with sources to influ­ence his reporting.


In an open let­ter to Steve Burke, CEO of NBC Uni­ver­sal, pub­lished in the Russ­ian news­pa­per ‘Novaya Gazeta’, Valery Borschev con­demned the false claims, cit­ing the inves­ti­ga­tion con­ducted by the Moscow Pub­lic Over­sight Com­mis­sion which he chaired imme­di­ately after the death of Sergei Mag­nit­sky and as part of the work­ing group of the Russ­ian President’s Human Rights Council.


The inves­ti­ga­tion of doc­u­ments, sub­mit­ted by law enforce­ment bod­ies to the work­ing group, led mem­bers of the Pub­lic Over­sight Com­mis­sion to the con­vic­tion that Sergei Mag­nit­sky was sub­jected to vio­lence before his death… There is a doc­u­ment, dated 16.11.2009, signed by deputy head of deten­tion cen­ter Markin, and eye wit­nesses Borovkov and Larin, which said: “rub­ber baton was applied,” “hand­cuffs were applied,” – ie he was beaten while hand­cuffed by rub­ber baton,” said Valery­Borschev­in­hislet­ter­to­CEOofN­BCU­ni­ver­sal Steve Burke.


The Russ­ian state-sponsored anti-Magnitsky pro­pa­ganda began after Russ­ian Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin adopted a for­eign pol­icy decree in May 2011, instruct­ing Russ­ian gov­ern­ment bod­ies to fight US sanc­tions. It then esca­lated after a Decem­ber 2012 press con­fer­ence by Vladimir Putin, in which he was asked about Sergei Mag­nit­sky numer­ous times, and where he denied that Mag­nit­sky had died from tor­ture and promised to “delve deeper” into the case. The new esca­la­tion of pro­pa­ganda fol­lows a press con­fer­ence ear­lier this year, in which Russ­ian For­eign Affairs Min­is­ter Sergei Lavrov implied new rev­e­la­tions on the Mag­nit­sky case to fight the US Mag­nit­sky Act.


On 27 April 2016, Andrei Nekrasov planned an anti-Magnitsky event at the Euro­pean par­lia­ment in Brus­sels to show his new defam­a­tory film with help from his girl­friend, Finnish MEP Heidi Hautala.


It is under­stood that Ken Dilan­ian planned his story with NBC News for the same day, 27 April 2016.


On 27 April 2016, the widow and mother of Sergei Mag­nit­sky wrote to mem­bers of the Euro­pean par­lia­ment, stat­ing their cat­e­gor­i­cal protest against any demon­stra­tion of the defam­a­tory and false film about Sergei Mag­nit­sky any­where, and espe­cially in the Euro­pean Parliament.


Through this let­ter, Sergei’s fam­ily expresses its highly neg­a­tive reac­tion to the movie, its protest against uncon­scionable attempts to blacken the name of Sergei Mag­nit­sky. We are cat­e­gor­i­cally against the pub­lic demon­stra­tion of the film by Andrei Nekrasov, against the dis­tri­b­u­tion of the film in any way,” said the Mag­nit­sky family.


The film “pre­miere” at the Euro­pean par­lia­ment was cancelled.


ARTE, Euro­pean cul­ture net­work, who planned to air the anti-Magnitsky film on 3 May 2016, can­celled it as well.


For more infor­ma­tion, please contact:


Jus­tice for Sergei Magnitsky

+44 207 440 1777

e-mail: info@lawandorderinrussia.org





Promi­nent Russ­ian human rights defend­ers who con­ducted an inde­pen­dent inves­ti­ga­tion of Mag­nit­sky case, have spo­ken out against the new wave of anti-Magnitsky pro­pa­ganda and its enablers.


State­ment by Lud­mila Alex­eeva, Head of the Moscow Helsinki Group and Chair of the Russ­ian President’s Human Rights Council’s Work­ing Group on the inves­ti­ga­tion of death of Sergei Mag­nit­sky, 3 May 2016: http://www.novayagazeta.ru/politics/72940.html


State­ment by Valery Borschev, head of the Moscow Pub­lic Over­sight Com­mis­sion which inves­ti­gated the cir­cum­stances of death in deten­tion of Sergei Mag­nit­sky, 2 May 2016: http://www.novayagazeta.ru/politics/72931.html



Results of search for Dilan­ian and “human rights” on NBC News web­site for 2016:


Dilan­ian” and “human rights” pro­duces two sto­ries in 2016

Trump Needs His ‘Own Damn Bucket’ to Water­board: Ex-CIA Chief …

Feb 22, 2016 … by Ken Dilan­ian .… Laura Pit­ter, senior national secu­rity coun­sel for Human Rights Watch, says it’s wor­ri­some that major GOP can­di­dates are …

www.nbcnews.com/…/trump-needs-his-own-damn-bucket-waterboard-ex-cia –chief-n523576


Spy Kid: A Young CIA Offi­cer Breaks Cover and Spills Secrets — NBC

Apr 1, 2016 … by Ken Dilan­ian … the bat­tle­field,” in the CIA’s euphemistic phrase for killing human tar­gets with .… “And this is me going, ‘You’re right, I wasn’t.

www.nbcnews.com/…/spy-kid-young-cia-officer-breaks-cover-spills-secrets– n548846



Pre­vi­ous post by Andrei Nekrasov with pro-Putin and anti-American sen­ti­ments pub­lished on Echo of Moscow blog, 21 March 2014: http://echo.msk.ru/blog/andnekrasov/1283896-echo/


Andrei Nekrasov, Russ­ian film­maker turned anti-Magnitsky cam­paigner, pre­vi­ously claimed:

  • Amer­i­cans and Com­pany” vio­late inter­na­tional law and that “this is not Kremlin-Kiselyov’s pro­pa­ganda, it is a fact rec­og­nized by the inter­na­tional com­mu­nity.”
  •  “Putin con­trols the imag­i­na­tion of the peo­ple, and this is not the result of him “usurp­ing power.
  • In the opin­ion of aggrieved Rus­sians, Crimea is not sub­ject to Budapest mem­o­ran­dum.”


Bill Browder Testified to British Parliament about the Luxury Spending Spree by Klyuev Money Laundering Network in London

May 4, 2016


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Bill Brow­der Tes­ti­fied to British Par­lia­ment about the Lux­ury Spend­ing Spree by Klyuev Money Laun­der­ing Net­work in London


4 May 2016 – Bill Brow­der, leader of the global “Jus­tice for Sergei Mag­nit­sky” cam­paign, revealed the results of a 6-year long inves­ti­ga­tion of the Klyuev money laun­der­ing net­work uncov­ered by Sergei Mag­nit­sky. Mag­nit­sky, Hermitage’s out­side legal coun­sel, was killed in Russ­ian police cus­tody after giv­ing tes­ti­mony about Russ­ian offi­cials’ com­plic­ity in the US$230 mil­lion fraud – the largest known tax refund fraud in mod­ern Russ­ian history.


In the tes­ti­mony given to the UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Com­mit­tee, William Brow­der iden­ti­fied more than US$30 mil­lion in pro­ceeds which came to the UK through the Klyuev money laun­der­ing network.


The head of the net­work, Dmitry Klyuev, was sen­tenced in Rus­sia in 2006, and was sanc­tioned by the US Gov­ern­ment in 2014 for his role in the Mag­nit­sky case under the US law, Sergei Mag­nit­sky Rule of Law Account­abil­ity Act.”


Dmitry Klyuev was owner of ‘Uni­ver­sal Sav­ings Bank,’ which received a por­tion of the stolen US$230 mil­lion directly from the Russ­ian trea­sury. Some of these pro­ceeds, through a series of shell com­pa­nies, ended up in the Cyprus bank accounts of his two con­nected BVI com­pa­nies, Altem Invest and Zibar Man­age­ment, which then wired funds to the UK.


In addi­tion, the Klyuev money laun­der­ing net­work used UKIO BANKAS (Lithua­nia) for exten­sive  money laun­der­ing, accu­mu­lat­ing and laun­der­ing pro­ceeds from the US$230 mil­lion fraud and related crim­i­nal activ­ity, and wiring them abroad, includ­ing to recip­i­ents in the UK.


US$30 mil­lion were spent in the UK to hire pri­vate jets, pay for exclu­sive inte­rior design projects, pay tuition at an exclu­sive col­lege, pur­chase a wed­ding dress and cloth­ing from fash­ion bou­tiques, spend money through elite credit cards on a per­sonal concierge ser­vice, and make pay­ments to archi­tects and prop­erty agents.


  • US$295,622 was spent on Glam­our Credit Card, pro­moted as “strictly by invi­ta­tion only,” “cater­ing to the wealth­i­est ladies world­wide,” offer­ing “access to a priv­i­leged and lux­u­ri­ous ser­vice the likes of which have never before existed,” with “no spend­ing limit.”


  • Over US$175,000 was paid to hire pri­vate jets.


  • US$240,000 was spent on a yacht.


  • Nearly US$200,000 was paid to an exclu­sive home and yacht inte­rior designer in Chelsea.


  • US$259,532 was sent to a lady con­nected to an expen­sive prop­erty in Surrey.


  • Over US$40,000 was paid to a cou­ture wed­ding dress designer in Lon­don, Phillipa Lepley.


  • About US$20,000 was spent on pay­ment to a Lon­don fash­ion bou­tique “La Petite S.”


  • US$100,000 went to an award-winning lux­ury archi­tect and inte­rior design company.


  • £115,315 was wired to Har­rods Estate, a lux­ury prop­erty agent.


  • £2,500 was spent on Quin­tes­sen­tially, a pre­mier per­sonal concierge service.


  • £19,500 was wired for prop­erty rental to a Lon­don real estate agent.


  • £18,470 was spent on fash­ion items from a fash­ion label.


This is the first time that money from the crime uncov­ered by Sergei Mag­nit­sky have been shown to reach recip­i­ents in the UK.


The Klyuev money laun­der­ing net­work used nearly every major UK bank.


Sev­eral UK cit­i­zens pro­vided their ser­vices as direc­tors for shell com­pa­nies used in the Klyuev money laun­der­ing net­work. Some of the com­pa­nies used in the Klyuev money laun­der­ing net­work were also reg­is­tered in the UK, but held accounts with banks in the Baltics to con­ceal their illicit activity.


John Wort­ley Hunt was direc­tor of Altem Invest Ltd, owned by Dmitry Klyuev, which received pro­ceeds from the US$230 mil­lion fraud and then sent funds to the UK. John Hunt was also listed as a direc­tor of 256 BVI com­pa­nies, 364 UK com­pa­nies, 29 Irish and 3 New Zealand com­pa­nies, accord­ing to pre­vi­ous reports.


Andrew Moray Stu­art was a direc­tor for a com­pany owned by Vladlen Stepanov, the hus­band of Russ­ian Tax Offi­cial Olga Stepanova, who approved a sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of the ille­gal US$230 mil­lion tax refund. Andrew Moray Stu­art was also a direc­tor of For­res Lim­ited, which received and sent funds stolen from the Russ­ian trea­sury through a num­ber of shell com­pa­nies to the UK. Accord­ing to pre­vi­ous report­ing by inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ists, Andrew Moray Stu­art was listed as nom­i­nal direc­tor of 214 BVI com­pa­nies, 36 UK com­pa­nies, 43 Irish and 4 New Zealand companies.


Damian Calder­bank was direc­tor of Kar­eras Lim­ited, reg­is­tered in the UK, which siphoned stolen funds and routed them through a series of shell com­pa­nies to the UK. He was reg­is­tered as direc­tor of 708 com­pa­nies, accord­ing to pre­vi­ous reports.


Past sub­mis­sions to the UK law enforce­ment author­i­ties from Her­mitage on the activ­i­ties of the Klyuev Organ­ised Crime Group in the UK were met with reluc­tance to investigate.


This is in con­trast to actions taken by author­i­ties in other coun­tries, where over US$40 mil­lion in funds con­nected to the crime exposed by Sergei Mag­nit­sky have been frozen:


  • The US court froze US$14 mil­lion in illicit funds, traced by the U.S. Depart­ment of Jus­tice to Man­hat­tan real estate and bank accounts of Denis Kat­syv, the son of a senior Russ­ian gov­ern­ment official.


  • The Swiss Gen­eral Pros­e­cu­tor froze about US$6 mil­lion in accounts belong­ing to the same Denis Kat­syv and his com­pa­nies and asso­ciates in Switzerland.


  • In addi­tion, the Swiss Gen­eral Pros­e­cu­tor froze over US$10 mil­lion in bank accounts of Vladlen Stepanov, the hus­band of a Russ­ian tax offi­cial who approved part of the US$230 fraud­u­lent tax refund.


  • Last year, the French author­i­ties froze mil­lions of euros on accounts after launch­ing an inves­ti­ga­tion into the US$230 mil­lion fraud uncov­ered by Sergei Magnitsky.


“We hope that with the new evi­dence of sub­stan­tial spend­ing in the UK, UK author­i­ties will now take a robust approach to inves­ti­gat­ing and pros­e­cut­ing those in the UK involved in the money laun­der­ing net­work uncov­ered by Sergei Mag­nit­sky,” said a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the ‘Jus­tice for Sergei Mag­nit­sky’ campaign.


The UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee’s inquiry is cur­rently look­ing at the effec­tive­ness of mea­sures intro­duced in the UK’s Pro­ceeds of Crime Act 2002, in depriv­ing crim­i­nals of any ben­e­fit from their crimes.


For more infor­ma­tion, please contact:


Jus­tice for Sergei Magnitsky

+44 207 440 1777

e-mail: info@lawandorderinrussia.org



Twit­ter: @Billbrowder

William Browder Will Testify at the British Parliament on Details of a Russian Luxury Spending Spree in London of Money Connected to Crime Uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky

May 3, 2016


For Imme­di­ate distribution


William Brow­der Will Tes­tify at the British Par­lia­ment on Details of a Russ­ian Lux­ury Spend­ing Spree in Lon­don of Money Con­nected to Crime Uncov­ered by Sergei Magnitsky


3 May 2016  – Today, at 3 pm, William Brow­der, leader of the global “Jus­tice for Sergei Mag­nit­sky” cam­paign, will tes­tify in front of the UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Com­mit­teeabout the Russ­ian money laun­der­ing in the UK and the imple­men­ta­tion of the Pro­ceeds of Crime Act.


Mr Brow­der will reveal results of a six-year long inves­ti­ga­tion into the money laun­der­ing and pro­ceeds of cor­rup­tion exposed by Sergei Mag­nit­sky, which led to Magnitsky’s arrest, tor­ture and mur­der in Russ­ian police cus­tody at the age of 37.


The infor­ma­tion will include detailed descrip­tions of lux­ury pur­chases in Lon­don and sur­round­ing coun­ties totalling US$30 mil­lion con­nected to the money laun­der­ing net­work uncov­ered thanks to Sergei Magnitsky.


This inves­ti­ga­tion was assisted by Alexan­der Perepilich­nyy, a Russ­ian whistle­blower who came for­ward after Sergei Magnitsky’s death and pro­vided bank state­ments lead­ing to more than US$15 mil­lion being frozen by Swiss Pros­e­cu­tor Gen­eral in a sep­a­rate Swiss money laun­der­ing inves­ti­ga­tion. Perepilich­nyy died in Novem­ber 2012 in sus­pi­cious cir­cum­stances in front of his home in Wey­bridge, Sur­rey at the age of 44.


The inves­ti­ga­tion into the Mag­nit­sky case has recently revealed a con­nec­tion of the pro­ceeds from the crime Sergei Mag­nit­sky uncov­ered to the ‘Panama Papers,’ and specif­i­cally to Sergei Roldugin, Pres­i­dent Putin’s long-time friend and cellist.


For more infor­ma­tion, please contact:


Jus­tice for Sergei Magnitsky

+44 207 440 1777

e-mail: info@lawandorderinrussia.org


Twit­ter: @Billbrowder



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