UK High Court Orders Arrest of Pavel Karpov, Former Russian Policeman in the Magnitsky Case, for Contempt of Court

May 25, 2017

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UK High Court Orders Arrest of Pavel Karpov, Former Russian Policeman in the Magnitsky Case, for Contempt of Court
25 May 2017 – Today, UK High Court judge Mr Justice Haddon-Cave issued an arrest warrant for former Russian policeman Major Pavel Karpov, one of the key players in the Magnitsky affair, for contempt of court and disobedience.
The arrest warrant was issued due to Karpov’s breach of court orders in relation to his failure to pay £650,000 of Hermitage’s legal costs after Karpov’s libel suit against Hermitage was struck out in 2013 by the UK High Court as an abuse of process. At the time, Pavel Karpov was ordered to pay Hermitage’s legal costs, which he failed to do.
The UK High Court ordered Pavel Karpov to attend court for questioning about his assets. In reply, Karpov sent a mocking poem to Hermitage’s lawyers (see in full below).
In September 2016, Pavel Karpov was found by the UK High Court in contempt of court. He was given a suspended three-month sentence. In response, Karpov told Russian news agency Interfax: “I sought after protection from the London Court, but now I need protection from this Court.”
After Karpov failed to attend another hearing last December, at today’s hearing Mr Justice Haddon-Cave ordered an arrest of Pavel Karpov.
“It is ordered that the bailiffs and constables are required to arrest the Claimant [Pavel Karpov] and to bring him before a judge to consider whether a committal order should be discharged,” said Mr Justice Haddon-Cave in his judgment.
“This warrant means that Pavel Karpov will be arrested the moment he sets foot on British soil. It also sends a powerful message to people around the world that the British court system can’t be abused by libel tourists,” said William Browder, head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign.
For more information, please contact:

Justice for Sergei Magnitsky
+44 207 440 1777
Pavel Karpov’s mocking poem sent to Hermitage’s Lawyers in July 2016 (translated from Russian):
I waste a lot of money and my nerves in LONDON court,
Within the process with FOUR CONDOMs,
Who think that they can lie and lie,
And in the Parliament and Congress telling bullshit.
You have rejected me in LONDONes, in RUSSIA sort of do the same,
So where for me, to smash your ugly mugs !?
Reminding you about my 8 mil,
Which owned by you already for a year!
Your prison cell is dusty now,
Bill seems forget about years nine!?
The stronger one who has the truth on side,
About this, the film was made,
Thanks to Andrei, unbeatable Nekrasov!
You made some movies, the boarders close for me,
Unleashing Felgin dog to dig some dirt on me.
You sent your script to HOLLYWOOD heroically,
While pushing your RED NOTES to the world.
I have no PRINCESS and RIVA do not have,
On ROBINSON with FALCONi, I look at them in journals.
I waves dissect on mattress in Crimea,
July I spent in junior suite in INTURIST.
Are far away somewhere in Tagil.
My GUCCI jacket worn out some time ago,
However RAY BAN, D&G, you never get from me,
The same is true with my BRIONI.
I do receive my 17k –ish every month, from Sber(bank),
And you could count on just a few of it.
My rich of soul you never get,
That leave you with to suck!


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