Magnitsky Family Lawyer Thrown off Top Floor Apartment in Moscow, Now in Critical Condition

March 21, 2017

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Magnitsky Family Lawyer Thrown off Top Floor Apartment in Moscow, Now in Critical Condition


21 March 2017 – Russian lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov, who represents Sergei Magnitsky’s family, has been thrown from the top floor of his apartment building earlier today and is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Botkin hospital in Moscow with severe head injuries.


Nikolia Gorokhov is a key witness in the US Government’s case against Prevezon Holdings, a Cyprus company owned by Denis Katsyv, son of senior Russian Government official Petr Katsyv. The trial is scheduled to begin in the Federal court in New York on May 15th 2017. The trial is in relation to alleged money laundering by Prevezon of proceeds of US$230 million fraud that Sergei Magnitsky uncovered and was killed for exposing in 2009 at the
age of 37.


Tomorrow morning, at 10:50 am, Nikolai Gorokhov was scheduled to appear in front of the Moscow City Appeals Court to argue against the Tverskoi District Court’s refusal to consider a new criminal complaint filed by Sergei Magnitsky’s mother in relation to the discovery of “Pavlov Leaks” – a series of electronic communications between Russian lawyer Andrei Palvov and other members and associates in the Klyuev Organized Crime Group. The Pavlov Leaks show collusion of those responsible for the $230 million fraud uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky and police officers assigned to investigate the US$230 million fraud and Magnitsky’s death in custody.

Mr Gorokhov, 53 years old, works with Prioritet bar chambers in Moscow. He is a well-known lawyer, who previously worked as investigator in the prosecutor’s office.


In 2011, Nikolai Gorokhov volunteered to represent the Magnitsky family in their fight for justice for Sergei Magnitsky. He has since filed numerous complaints and appeals seeking investigation of Sergei Magnitsky’s torture and murder in Moscow police custody. Despite the numerous complaints, the Russian authorities closed the investigation into Magnitsky’s murder for lack of crime, and posthumously accused Sergei Magnitsky himself of perpetrating the $230 mln fraud. Officials he had implicated in the US$230 mln fraud have been since given state honors, promoted and exonerated from any liability by the Russian government.



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3 Responses to “Magnitsky Family Lawyer Thrown off Top Floor Apartment in Moscow, Now in Critical Condition”

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    […] Putin and the man Magnitsky was working for when he was arrested, wrote that Gorokhov was “thrown from the top floor of his apartment building” and is currently hospitalized with severe head injuries in the intensive care unit at […]

  2. Judy McKee on March 22nd, 2017 02:50

    I am an ordinary United States citizen. I read your book. I am speechless at this latest tragedy.

  3. Boris Ezhov on March 22nd, 2017 07:58

    I am afraid that can be a new attempt of this lawyer political assasination like that was already twice commited against Vladimir Karamurza from Open Russia this year before.

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